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2023年9月17日 竈君爺寶誕 Celebrate Kitchen God's Birthday: 17th Sept, 2023



農歷八月初三(陽曆 9月17日 星期日)是灶君爺誕辰。恭賀九天司命灶君千秋,祈求灶君賜福,保佑善信們一家吉慶、合宅昌榮、福壽安康、好運常伴!

Dear devotees,

may auspiciousness be with you:

The Kitchen God, also known as the Stove God or Zao Jun, is worshipped by families to ensure their peace and well-being. He oversees and keeps a record of the family's deeds, serving as a basis for blessings and punishments from the heavens. The Kitchen God's birthday is celebrated on the lunar August 3nd, corresponding to Gregorian Sept 17th, which falls on Sunday. Congratulations and best wishes to the Kitchen God. We pray for his blessings to bring happiness, prosperity, health, and good fortune to the faithful family, along with continued good luck!

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