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2023年9月6日 慶賀財神誕, 6th Sept 2023, Celebration: God of Wealth's Birthday

Updated: Aug 17, 2023


農曆七月二十二日(公曆 九月六日, 星期三) 財神誕, 是日關帝廟將舉行敬拜儀式,為財神爺祝壽賀喜,祈求神明保佑、國泰民安、闔家安康、財源廣進、心想事成!



Respected devotees, may auspiciousness be with you:

On the 22nd day of the seventh lunar month (Wednesday, 6th of September in the Gregorian calendar), we will be celebrating the birthday of the God of Wealth. On this day, the Kwan Ti Temple will hold a worship ceremony to offer congratulations and well-wishes to the Gold of Wealth, seeking blessings for national prosperity, family safety, abundant fortune resources, and the fulfilment of wishes.

For those who wish to participate in the worship ceremony such as offering incense, presenting golden pig, etc., please kindly register with the staff at the kwan Ti Tempe office, or contact Lily, the temple's caretaker.

Thank you.

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