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初只建成建成簡單廟堂一座, 隨後香火日盛,朝竭信眾日多,實有擴建之必需。

及至1904年, 整座廟宇落成現在關帝廟之規模,屹立我會基業,延續百年再百年。

"Sze Yup" is the collective name of the four counties of Taishan, Kaiping, Xinhui and Enping in Guangdong Province. The Sze Yup Chinese in Sydney naturally linked together and established the "Sydney Sze Yup Society Association."

Founded in 1898, the Association has been around for 100s of years.

At the beginning, only a simple temple was built, through out the days and the number of believers was many, which was necessary for an expansion.

By 1904, the entire temple was completed to the current scale of the Kwan Ti Temple, standing on the foundation of the association, lasting for a hundred years and another hundred years.

For more historical info:  The Glebe Society 

如有興趣可到: 雪梨四邑同鄉會
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